~ JOIN US for PARTY ON THE PLAZA August 21, 4:30-8pm ~

 ~ JOIN US for PARTY ON THE PLAZA August 21, 4:30-8pm ~

 ~ JOIN US for PARTY ON THE PLAZA August 21, 4:30-8pm ~

 ~ JOIN US for PARTY ON THE PLAZA August 21, 4:30-8pm ~

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Be part of the recovery! Buy local and support our community's small businesses.
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Upcoming Events

Featured event Whistle Stop Party on the Plaza August 2021
4:30pm-8pm Whistle Stop Plaza
Party on the Plaza is a FREE downtown community event that combines food, LIVE music, adult beverages, and gathering together with friends and neighbors. Our dates are June 19, August 21 & October 2!
Featured event 2021 Mainspring Deck Crawl
2pm-5pm Ephrata PA
Mainspring of Ephrata would like to welcome back the Deck Crawl 2021! Join us for a fun-filled afternoon visiting some of the fantastic decks and outside patios at the best bars and breweries Ephrata has to offer!

Explore Ephrata

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Proud of our Heritage

Ephrata is proud of its history and heritage. From our beautiful architecture to our annual cultural traditions, there is community pride in our past, present, and future that is uniquely Ephrata.

est. 1731
Vitality Economic stability for everyone.
Safety Providing a secure place for community growth.
Connection Facilitating communication and collaboration.
A community for all.

Building and sustaining a vibrant community

Mainspring of Ephrata is the consolidation of three pre-existing development organizations; Downtown Ephrata Inc., Ephrata Alliance, and the Ephrata Economic Development Corporation. The merging of these organizations created Mainspring of Ephrata.