About Mainspring


To improve the quality of life in our community through increased economic opportunity.


Mainspring of Ephrata celebrates the unique history, landscape, and blended cultures of Ephrata by cultivating a memorable, multigenerational and thriving community.


As an organization, we strive to be: Collaborative – Mainspring of Ephrata forges strategic partnerships with community groups, government representatives and residents to move our work forward. Inclusive – By providing a venue for all to participate in developing our local economy and community, Mainspring of Ephrata values inclusivity. Imaginative – We value solutions that are “outside of the box” and seek to showcase Ephrata’s uniqueness by promoting our historical value, recreational assets, and award-winning institutions. Impactful – Through our work, Mainspring of Ephrata impacts the day-to-day lives of our business owners, residents, and visitors.

Our key strategies for success

We’re committed to honoring Ephrata’s past, embracing the present, and inspiring the future.


Building a higher quality of life to meet the needs of our current & future community.

Community Connectivity

Connecting our assets, resources & environment, to build & sustain a vibrant community.

Economic Development

Foster a vibrant, prosperous, & growing community through economic opportunities.

Community Identity

Honor our past, embrace the present & create the inspiration for the future.

organization history and info

Mainspring of Ephrata is the consolidation of three existing organizations; Downtown Ephrata Inc., Ephrata Alliance and the Ephrata Economic Development Corporation. Each of these organizations were responsible for some of the great community events, development of Mountain Springs, murals, plaza development, just to mention a few. Our mission is to promote the economic vitality of the Ephrata community. Mainspring of Ephrata is governed by a 13 member board of directors, all of whom are volunteers – residents, business owners, professionals, educators, borough representatives and representatives from other community non-profits. Together, they form a hard working board of directors.

Help us shape Ephrata's future!

Ephrata is your community and it is important you share your ideas, your time, and your contributions to help shape and move our community forward. Please help us help the community.