Revolving Loan Fund

Revolving Loan Fund

We’re excited to help you expand your business!  

Revolving Loan Fund Program


The success of our businesses in downtown Ephrata is one of Mainspring’s top priorities.
The goals of this program are to:

  1. enhance and retain your business by assisting in the financing of projects;
  2. create and retain permanent jobs by expanding business employment and ownership opportunities; and
  3. diversify the economic base.

The benefits of Mainspring’s Revolving Loan Fund Program:

  1. This loan requires less money down from you, the business owner.
  2. We partner with you by loaning a minimum of 10% of the financing.
  3. We provide support to you and explain the process.
  4. The application process is simple and streamlined.

Mainspring’s Revolving Loan Fund program may be the perfect fit for you!

Check out the eligibility criteria:

  • Your business is located within Mainspring’s Keystone Community’s Designated Area
  • Used for equipment purchases
  • Used for lease/hold improvements
  • Used for building upgrades for energy efficiency
  • Used for term loans secured by business assets
  • Used for the purchase of another business



Read the full Revolving Loan Guidelines for all the details then submit the initial Interest Form and Mainspring will contact you to get the process started.

The Revolving Loan Fund program is in partnership with Ephrata National Bank. Revolving Loan Funds are made possible through a grant from the Dept. of Community & Economic Development.