DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for the Whole Family

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DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for the Whole Family

Posted on October 25, 2021 by Lisa Willwerth

Need some simple, last-minute costume ideas for Halloween? Check out our six spooky suggestions!

Halloween is right around the corner, and whether your kiddo needs a costume for trick or treating, or you need one for a themed party, we’ve got some fun ideas for you to DIY! A great outfit doesn’t require a lot of money—just a little creativity. Here are six last-minute costume ideas that you can put together from items found at home and in local thrift shops!

Young Girl: Minnie Mouse

Yoo-Hoo! We have a clever Minnie Mouse costume idea for the little girl in your life. Simply go to your closet and grab a black long-sleeved shirt, black tights, red skirt, and yellow shoes. If you don’t have these items at home, visit Fashion Cents Consignment! To make your skirt just like Minnie Mouse, glue or sew on circles of white felt from Art of Recycle. You can also make some ears out of a headband and black felt. As a final touch, don’t forget to add a big, red bow!

Photo courtesy of Sugar Bee Crafts.

Young Boy: Bat

Fly into the night with this creative costume! First, find a black hoodie or long-sleeved shirt, black pants, and black sneakers. Then, create wings out of black trash bags or an old black umbrella. Next, you can make bat ears out of black construction paper. Finally, to turn into the ultimate vampire bat, find some plastic fangs at the Dollar Tree!

Teenage Girl: Old Lady

Turn your teenager into a granny this Halloween! Search for a floral patterned pajama dress, fluffy bathrobe, slippers, anti-slip socks, and old glasses. Use washable hair color spray or dry shampoo to turn her hair white, then put in foam curlers. Bonus points if you find a cane or walker!

Teenage Boy: Arthur the Anteater

The character Arthur is known for his signature yellow sweater, blue jeans, and a white collared shirt—which is very easy for a teenage male to emulate. Next, find a pair of brown circular glasses or make your own out of brown pipe cleaners! Then, make ears out of a headband and brown felt. Grab a pair of red sneakers or explore ReUzit on State to tie the look together. To go the extra mile, your teen can reenact the popular Arthur meme by clenching his fist dramatically throughout the night.

Adult Woman: The Bachelorette

Calling all Bachelorette fanatics! For this costume, put on your fanciest dress or track down a fun sequined number and accessories at the Goodwill Store. Then, buy a dozen red roses or get fake ones at the Dollar Tree! Finally, to stand out, dramatically ask people if they will accept a rose throughout the evening.

Adult Man: Lumberjack

This is a quick and easy idea for men! Just grab your favorite flannel shirt, dark blue jeans, beanie hat, and boots! Then, purchase some suspenders and a fake beard to complete the look. Bonus points if you make an ax out of cardboard and aluminum foil.

Photo courtesy of The Dyrt.

Putting together a costume can be even more exciting than the Halloween festivities! So take some time to browse your closet and explore local thrift stores to see what you can throw together! Trust us—it’s way more thrilling and economical than ordering a pre-made costume online.