4 Fun Thanksgiving Traditions to Try

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4 Fun Thanksgiving Traditions to Try

Posted on November 22, 2021 by Lisa Willwerth

Family traditions are what make the holidays so memorable. This Thanksgiving, start a new tradition by trying one of these four fun activities with your loved ones!

The past two years have included a lot of change, especially when it comes to holidays. This year, embrace the change as an opportunity to create new memories and traditions. Here are four fun ideas for you to try with your loved ones this Thanksgiving!

1. Turn your Tablecloth into an Evolving Work of Art

This sentimental craft requires minimal effort. Cover your table with a white tablecloth, get out some fabric markers, and encourage all of your guests to draw. You can also ask everyone to write down something that they are thankful for. Once Thanksgiving is over, carefully pack away the tablecloth so you can bring it back out each year. As children grow older and families expand, this sweet tablecloth will become a cherished tradition.

2. Host a Potluck Food Drive

Are you tired of working over a stove all day for a big group of people? Cut back on the stress and make this year’s celebration a potluck feast! You can supply the main dish but ask your guests to bring sides, drinks, and desserts. For an extra special touch, encourage guests to bring along non-perishable items for the Ephrata Hand UP Foodbank! That way, not only are you creating a meal to enjoy together, but you’re also providing food for community members in need.

3. Try a New Recipe

Thanksgiving staples can become stale year after year. To avoid monotony, mix up your menu a bit by adding a new recipe to the roster each year. You might concoct a new family favorite, or you might find out what to avoid in the future. Either way, everyone will have fun trying something new and broadening their culinary horizons!

4. Have the Kids Decorate the Table

After grocery shopping, cleaning the house, and cooking, the last thing you want to do is set the table. So, delegate this task to the children in your family! First, ask them to create a centerpiece with seasonal flowers, faux leaves, produce, or whatever they see fit. Then, have them make name tents for each guest out of construction paper and markers. This project is a great way to keep kiddos involved and busy until dinnertime.

Family traditions are what make the holidays so special. So this Thanksgiving, consider trying out a new activity with your loved ones! Who knows, you might start something that your family will pass down for years to come.