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Scavenger Hunt Answers

Posted on September 6, 2023 by Christine Myers

Need a Helping Hand? Your Answers are below!

  1. Brick red faces staring down. Scratch your head and look up. Mentzer, “Scratch Bakes”, building
  2. This newer date is carved in marble and not nearly as old as its attached parent building. And you can bank
    on that! The new section of Ephrata National Bank, main branch
  3. Can you find the local watering hole that shares its name with the area in Germany from which Ephrata's
    founding father, Conrad Beissel, hailed? Black Forest Brewery
  4. In the year 2076, hardly a man here today will be alive, but under its stone plaque are treasures found. Time Capsule next to the stage on the Whistle Stop Plaza, in the bushes
  5. Get a picture taken with an Ephrata first responder.
  6. Look down for the boy behind the door, but you’ll have to find a bathroom elsewhere. Below the Revive
  7. Don’t be alarmed! This business has performed out of this former bank for many years. The burglar alarm
    on the outside wall of Performance Personnel on West Main.
  8. Libraries are still free in America and they come in all different sizes. A little free library on West Main
    before you get to Align Pregnancy Center and For His Glory Boutique
  9. This old lamp post used to sit at the town’s square. Now it stands as a beacon to honor our veterans. Lamp
    on Park Avenue closest to Main Street
  10. This chunky little Buddha may be hard to find, so don’t be offended when he laughs at you. In a flower bed
    on West Main Street in the very front of the house along the sidewalk just past For His Glory Boutique
  11. Like the Hansel & Gretel story, this gingerbread house is found among the groves. Look up to see its ornate
    peak. The Groves Assisted Living house.

Inside Actual Businesses…

  1. This location protects a historic printing operation and houses Ephrata relics. Enter in the rear and be
    impressed! The carriage house behind the Historical Society museum house.
  2. This book mirrors its cloistered surroundings and can be found in the oldest business in Ephrata. Ephrata
    Cloister Museum store; copy of the Martyrs Mirror book.
  3. A blue Smurf can be found jamming with the band in this masterful business. Inside Masters Musician store
    in the Ephrata Business Complex.
  4. Inside this cupcake of a business, look for basil growing on the wall. A picture of a basil plant on the wall of
    Scratch Bakes.
  5. Shirley Temple’s movie, “Just Around the Corner,” was all the rage when this establishment opened. Look
    hard to find the newspaper article announcing it because the staff will not make any concessions for you. A
    picture of the article on the wall of the Movie Theatre lobby
  6. A lot of history is poured into this building. Walk through the heavy wood &amp; glass front door to give your
    spirits a lift and find the sign that reveals its original business. Inside Pour Man’s Brewing
  7. Check out the inside of this shop to refresh your soul and revive your spirits. Look for the old fashion
    keyboard to find keys to a treasure. An old typewriter inside Revive Store that will have a coupon tucked
  8. Never cookie cutter, this unique business says, “All you need is love and a gingerbread man!” A giant
    gingerbread cookie cutter on the wall of Laura the Cookie Lady
  9. Both Christmas shop and art gallery, this business invites you to find the hanging Elvis. An Elvis Christmas
    ornament inside Sheldon’s Gallery on West Main
  10. Walk into this business and look for the Tree of Life, which blesses this shop abundantly. A giant wood
    carving of the Tree of Life inside Abundant Treasures