Momentum is Growing – Learn More at the Mainspring Meetup

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Momentum is Growing – Learn More at the Mainspring Meetup

Posted on December 29, 2022 by Christine Myers

Wondering what Mainspring has planned for 2023 and beyond? Listen to the recording from our first-ever Mainspring Meetup and learn about our 5-year strategic plan.

Listen to the First Annual Mainspring Meetup here.
Download the PDF of the Mainspring Meetup Here

 Click Here to Download the PDF of the Mainspring Meetup Q&A

For the past 5 years Mainspring of Ephrata has been working with local businesses, government, and residents to build our area’s economy and grow our sense of community. Ephrata is one of the lucky few small towns that has an organization dedicated to these tasks. Many residents have commented that they can feel a change in the town and momentum is growing. Have you ever wondered what’s next?

Ephrata Borough residents were invited to join us at the first-ever Mainspring Meetup on January 18, 2023. Executive Director, Joy Ashley will share our 5-year revitalization plans for the Ephrata Borough before opening the floor to a Q&A session. To accommodate a variety of schedules, the presentation was held at 10:00 A.M. and again at 5:30 p.m. at the New Main Theater in Ephrata.

Mainspring gets a lot of recognition for the events we organize, but we offer so much more to our area. Ephrata borough residents and business owners are invited to hear about the entire scope of the work we do – and what’s planned for the next 5 years.

Many people are looking for change. Residents have spoken through surveys and public forums and business investors have weighed in through their new and bigger ventures.

Ephrata is entering an era that is welcoming a modern and thriving economy, and Mainspring is at the hub helping businesses navigate swift paths to opening while securing local and state grants that offset costs to entry.

Community buy-in and assistance is essential to achieving the big goals we have. Mainspring communicates monthly through the Mainspring Minute column in the Ephrata Review and the monthly newsletter. Additionally, the strategic plan has been presented to the Borough Council and through one-on-one meetings with both legislators and community and corporate leaders. Now Mainspring is sharing the details behind how we’ll meet the goals at this special meeting.

Mainspring’s five-year plan addresses the concerns from the past, while incorporating current workplans that have been tried and true for other communities all over Pennsylvania. The desire for transparency to those it serves is top priority. “We want as many Borough residents to attend as possible. This is their town, their home. Our residents need to know what we are hoping to accomplish and how they can be a part of the solution,” said Ashley.