Finalists have been selected for the Franklin Street Mural Project! VOTE for your favorite here!

 Finalists have been selected for the Franklin Street Mural Project! VOTE for your favorite here!

 Finalists have been selected for the Franklin Street Mural Project! VOTE for your favorite here!

 Finalists have been selected for the Franklin Street Mural Project! VOTE for your favorite here!

Ira G. Steffy & Son

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Ira G. Steffy & Son

Posted on October 26, 2023 by Christine Myers

Ira G. Steffy & Son, Inc.: Building More than Structures - Building a Community

In Ephrata, one company has been making its mark not only in the world of structural steel and building but also in the hearts of its community. Ira G. Steffy & Son, Inc., a fabricator and erector, has been serving the construction industry since 1976. Their portfolio ranges from hospitals and churches to commercial and distribution centers, leaving an indelible imprint on the landscape. But what sets them apart is not just their soaring building projects but their unwavering commitment to community involvement and the vital role they play in nurturing trade skills like welding and construction.

A Legacy of Excellence
For over four decades, Ira G. Steffy & Son, Inc. has been a trusted name in the construction business. Their projects, boasting a range of diverse structures, have not only reshaped skylines but also contributed to the regional economy. Their dedicated team of 100 employees has consistently delivered top-quality workmanship and adhered to high safety standards, making them a preferred choice for clients seeking excellence in structural steel and miscellaneous metals fabrication and erecting.

But Ira G. Steffy & Son, Inc.’s commitment extends beyond building impressive structures. They understand the importance of nurturing a skilled workforce to meet the industry’s ever-growing demands, especially in trade jobs like welding and construction. They are acutely aware that a thriving community hinges on a well-trained workforce that can contribute to the local economy. To this end, they have been actively involved in community initiatives, contributing not only metals and steel but also in the form of mentorship, employment opportunities, and support to local organizations like Mainspring of Ephrata.

The Power of Trade Jobs: Welders and Construction
Welding and construction are two foundational pillars of the construction industry. Skilled welders are responsible for joining metals seamlessly, while construction professionals shape the future through building and renovating structures. The importance of the continuation of these trades cannot be overstated. While the workforce trained in these disciplines ages, the opportunities for younger people to enter this workforce – and succeed –  is growing at a rate not seen in decades.

In collaboration with trade schools and by providing on-the-job training opportunities, Ira G. Steffy & Son, Inc. is helping to shape the future of these trades. They understand that the best way to support the community is to provide the means for its members to thrive. By offering training and employment opportunities, they not only invest in the future of the industry but also empower individuals to secure stable, well-paying jobs. This commitment to local talent has had a profound impact on Ephrata’s community, providing opportunities for those looking to build a career in these trades.

Building Strong Foundations: Mainspring of Ephrata
One of the standout ways Ira G. Steffy & Son, Inc. demonstrates their dedication to the community is through their support for the Mainspring of Ephrata as a Community Partner. Mainspring is a local organization that plays a pivotal role in economic development and support. By aligning with Mainspring, Ira G. Steffy & Son, Inc. is actively participating in building a resilient and prosperous community.

Their financial contribution enables Mainspring to further our program initiatives. The funds cover items like infrastructure, business recruitment and retention committee costs, and historic preservation chief among them. This commitment to giving back is a testament to their belief in the power of community and the role businesses should play in nurturing it.

The Steffy Difference: A History of Dedication
Ira G. Steffy & Son, Inc. sets a standard in community involvement. While their construction projects may shape the physical landscape, their investment in people’s lives, education, and job opportunities shapes the community’s future.

The firm’s support of Mainspring of Ephrata showcases their dedication to corporate social responsibility, proving success is not measured solely in financial terms but in the impact a company has on the community it serves as well.

As we celebrate businesses that go above and beyond, Ira G. Steffy & Son, Inc. serves as a perfect example of commitment to community. They have shown that when customer service, dependability, and community involvement come together, everyone wins. The future is bright for Ephrata, and Ira G. Steffy & Son, Inc. plays a vital part in building that shining future.