2023 Community Perception Survey

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2023 Community Perception Survey

Posted on August 16, 2023 by Christine Myers

Ephrata, We Need You!

The 2023 Community Perception Survey is now available and we need your feedback!

Mainspring of Ephrata is in constant motion as we work to celebrate our town’s unique history, landscape, and blended cultures by cultivating a memorable, multigenerational and thriving community. But moving us forward cannot be done without the community’s engagement.

We value the community’s feedback in our mission to serve the community. Last year’s results were used to help us understand both the assets and opportunity gaps in Ephrata.  By gauging the mindset of current residents in regard to the mix of businesses in our downtown, feelings on our safe, clean and green initiatives and the overall look of our Main Street, Mainspring developed our 5 year program.

To keep our initiatives up-to-date and to ensure we are tracking in the right direction, we invite you to take this short, simple survey by selecting one of the buttons below.