ExtraGive Pop Up Party

ExtraGive Pop Up Party

ExtraGive Pop Up Party on the Plaza! Join us during the ExtraGive! Rad-ish Food Truck and entertainment by Easily Amused!
November 18th, 2022

Enjoy this Pop Up Party on the Plaza! Grab lunch from the delicious Radish Food Truck and enjoy the acoustic musical selections by everyone’s favorite band, Easily Amused! Donations can be made on the spot to your favorite charity of choice, and we hope you will choose Mainspring of Ephrata.

Mainspring sits at the intersection of public and private entities and acts as a liaison to move our community forward. The organization has helped build a rail trail and dog park involving local governments, private citizens and businesses. It hosts numerous free events to bring residents together and help local businesses thrive by creating opportunities for promotion and guidance for advancement.

Mainspring is dependent on fundraising to be able to complete its mission of growing local economy and building community. Thank you for making Mainspring part of your ExtraGive 2022 plans.